I've finally (attempted) to make a level just in time for AGDG demo day 28. This new build features enemy detection and a short level to explore. 

The level is still a work in progress, but it'll receive a lot more updates.

You can still play the old level after you clear the new level.  

Another update will be here soon, roughing out the edges of this version.

New features:

  • Brand new HUD Design
  • Keruru's SmugPistol™ and Saki's SmugTaser™ 
    •  Pistol does extra damage to enemies that haven't noticed you.
    •  Don't tase me bro
  • New outfits
  •  Adjusted enemy health. 
    • Only the higher tier enemies are more  resistant and are affected more by being slid into.
  •  Camera improvements
    • colldies with walls
    • doesn't shoot at walls behind you
  • You can now stomp on enemies when they're down to show them who's boss.
  • Takedown improvements
    • now restore a significant amount of health when enemies are injured.
    • prompt when able to do takedown

Future plans:

  • Add tutorial on new mechanics
  • tighten up level design
  • Camera is still imperfect, needs a bit more tweaking with the collision
  • add more enemies and dialogue
  • add an actual main menu
  • make the lower bar on the hud actually do something. (doesn't do anything yet!)


Smugforce Gamejam Alpha Level Test (AGDG 28) 147 MB
Sep 09, 2019

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