I saw a video of a person play my last level demo without acknowledging that you can use guns, and just slid and melee. This is EXACTLY how you're supposed to play it FYI.


I made an introduction level. It teaches you how to play the game and is a level. It also has more story!!!! 


Slide is now bound to C. I made it so that your sprint speed determines how far you slide. It should feel more natural.  You can kinda slide down slopes too, but  slopes are the worst thing in video game physics. 

Melee is also more melee-y.


I spent more hours in ms paint. We got fancy earbuds too.


I composed music. I split it up into different parts. It gets more epic the better you perform. I totally did not play DMC recently.

stay smug


SmugForce AGDG 30 101 MB
Jan 09, 2020

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