WOW New Smugforce update!

Here it is! lots of fixes and additions. hopefully next update will include a brand new level thats actually finished???


  • rebalance enemy health/weapons. smugpistol should be lethal on headshot on ragdolled enemies
  • add a sniper enemy with a laser
  • all enemies turn towards you, allowing you to outrun/dodge bullets if you are fast enough (still needs tweaking
  • camera angle is much more zoomed out, add sprint zoom and anime lines
  • sensitivity should be a little bit better, you have to adjust it if you played before
  • player should move a LOT faster, has a speed boost when you start sprinting
  • new animations!!
  • add voice lines for enemies (thanks tentish)
  • remove collision with dead body/debris, should trip less now
  • you can now slide without sprinting


  • cleaner hud
  • polished some animations
  • made speedrun timer on the moving hud
  • changed up character sizes
  • hitmarker should now only appear when you do damage
  • changed up a few sounds
  •  changed up keruru textures, less flat textures
  •  added bullet penetration, try it out with the smugpistol and sniper
  •  sniper scope now zooms in properly, instead of being pixelated
  •  reduce chance to say various voice lines
  • quiety voice audio
  • using your own VRM should now be lit properly, and have IK
  • add controller specific controls to pop up tutorials
  • removed the dumb box that got people stuck in the beginning
  • sliding into a small space should make you crouch
  • fix restarting when dying showing stats popup


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Version 7 Jan 25, 2021

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