I fixed a couple bugs with pausing, added a speedrun mode and a cool combo counter.

  • Added lighting. Yeah the whole game wasnt even lit.
  • Jumping is now instant
  • Takedown is now 1 hit the big guys for real this time.
  • Fixed tab weapon menu ammo counter and add ammo counter on item on ground
  • Camera speed is now a little smoother (maybe not, this has been a bug for a while)
  • Minions now use the same shader
  • Environment is now marked as static, should increase FPS... i hope
  • Speedrun mode disables all the ""cutscenes"" and shows a timer in the bottom right.

Linux and maxOS build support is in progress, there are just a couple bugs that need to be addressed before I start releasing it.

Also i fixed that one area with the key. 

Screw keys.


SmugForce AGDG 30 Update.zip 101 MB
Jan 09, 2020

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I do miss the crouch, if not for sneakan, then for lining up shots through the skylights

I might bring it back.