Smug update 1.1

Update notes:

Thank you everyone for the feedback so far! I made a couple of changes so it'll be much nicer to play. 

  • Fixed aspect ratio for almost all screens ratios (all maybe?)
  • Used the other character model because its clearly better
  • Changed the weapon pickup to automatically select the closest item near you, instead of having to point at it.
  • Added a shotgun
  • Made enemies get tougher as game progresses
  • Roll now knocks down enemies
  • Added a title screen
  • Added a stats menu at the end
  • Added Kincaid (provides a few tips and shoots enemies with you)
  • Changed map a little
  • Added bells and whistles to the HUD


Smugforce Gamejam 1.1 86 MB
Jan 09, 2019

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