A downloadable game for Windows

SmugForce is a third person shooter featuring Keruru and Kincaid, who are part of the vigilante group, Smugforce. 

So far, this is a playable sandbox demo of all the implemented gameplay mechanics.

The waves are currently never ending, and theres a score tally at the end that details how well you did.

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WASD - Movement

Tab + Mouse - Weapon wheel

Tab + X - Drop selected weapon

Q - Roll

G - Heal

E - Melee

R - Reload

F - Pickup items

Middle mouse - grenade (hold to cook)

Left mouse - Fire

Right mouse - Aim

C - crouch

Escape - Menu

Fun stuff:

Y - Free camera/spawner

F3 - Debug menu

All character models are from different sources, and are for placeholder until I make an actual one.

http://keruru.moe is the site where you can see everything about the history of the game.

Music from Copyright Free EDM

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Anime, Sandbox, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Extract and run the video game that I made.


Smugforce Gamejam (Updated) 86 MB
Smugforce Gamejam 1.0 (Original Entry) 87 MB

Development log


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really like this game I enjoyed it... even though I was bad at it :/

Was the game laggy or is that just your recording software?

(1 edit) (+1)

No it was my mouse sensitivity it was too high...

Loved the game! i am wondering are you going to be adding stuff to the game? it would be awesome to seee this game dev into! 

Haha you downloaded the old version. I just added a couple things in 1.1. I'm going to update it semi frequently when I have time.

Sweet! how do i get access to the updated version!

I love this game, I just wish it had mouse sensitivity control. My touchpad just flings around when I try to aim

Alright, I'm gonna add that whenever I can!


The mouse sensitivity update works for me! Thanks

We enjoyed this, are you going to release a full version...?   If so we would like to play the full version, some of the mechanics and physics were fun to play around with :)  All in all, it was fun!! 

I really hope to! I work on it in my free time whenever I can and I want to release it on steam. Thanks for making a video on it!

No Problem!!  Keep up the good work!!   We will keep our eyes out for the full release :)