A downloadable game for Windows

SmugForce is a third person shooter featuring Keruru and Kincaid, who are part of the vigilante group, Smugforce. 

So far, this is a playable sandbox demo of all the implemented gameplay mechanics.

The waves are currently never ending, and theres a score tally at the end that details how well you did.


WASD - Movement

Tab + Mouse - Weapon wheel

Tab + X - Drop selected weapon

Q - Roll

G - Heal

E - Melee

R - Reload

F - Pickup items

Middle mouse - grenade (hold to cook)

Left mouse - Fire

Right mouse - Aim

C - crouch

Escape - Menu

Fun stuff:

Y - Free camera/spawner

All character models are from different sources, and are for placeholder until I make an actual one.

http://keruru.moe is the site where you can see everything about the history of the game.

Music from Copyright Free EDM

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Anime, Sandbox, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Extract and run the video game that I made.


Smugforce Gamejam (Updated) 86 MB
Smugforce Gamejam 1.0 (Original Entry) 87 MB

Development log


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really like this game I enjoyed it... even though I was bad at it :/

Was the game laggy or is that just your recording software?

(1 edit) (+1)

No it was my mouse sensitivity it was too high...

Loved the game! i am wondering are you going to be adding stuff to the game? it would be awesome to seee this game dev into! 

Haha you downloaded the old version. I just added a couple things in 1.1. I'm going to update it semi frequently when I have time.

Sweet! how do i get access to the updated version!

I love this game, I just wish it had mouse sensitivity control. My touchpad just flings around when I try to aim

Alright, I'm gonna add that whenever I can!


The mouse sensitivity update works for me! Thanks

We enjoyed this, are you going to release a full version...?   If so we would like to play the full version, some of the mechanics and physics were fun to play around with :)  All in all, it was fun!! 

I really hope to! I work on it in my free time whenever I can and I want to release it on steam. Thanks for making a video on it!

No Problem!!  Keep up the good work!!   We will keep our eyes out for the full release :)