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Inspired by my weekend job, I bring you Retail Dash.

Throughout the day, my entire job was to just help customers and make sales goals. We had very few people, and this game is about that: Managing a store with very few people.

My first playable prototype of my Solo game development Project

Hold Z to help people with a hand icon (Space on the final one)

Put yourself or your employee in the green zone to check people out.

Don't make people wait too long or else they'll leave, adding to the customer anger meter (4 strikes and you lose!).

(Mac build coming soon in like 5 minutes)

Music done by me.

Sound effects from freesound.

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Published Oct 19, 2016


Retail Dash Final WIN.rar 10 MB
RetailDash Mac.zip 15 MB
PrototypeFunctional.zip 10 MB
PrototypeStructural.zip 11 MB

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